2014/15 RTW Trip Itinerary

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  1. The pictures are amazing, you look great and completely relaxed. To follow your blog is a moment of pleasure in my busy days 🙂 Continue to enjoying it & see you in 2015

  2. HI HI, It’s me yoonseo! 😀 I had a look almost every photos and It’s really nice indeed! wow! You’ve been loads of places and enjoyed ‘real life’, not touristic things..!! Well done you haha. your blog is really interesting. can I keep watching you what you are doing? 😀 Hope you have a amazing days in every place!! and keep uploading post about your journey please 🙂

    1. Hello Yoonseo!
      So nice to hear from you. We are happy that you liked the pictures. Yes please go ahead and follow our blog. You can subscribe under ‘Follow me’ on the Home side.(below -> right Hand corner)

      Greetings from Rangiroa K&Y

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